Weight Loss Clinic Near Me

Weight Loss Clinic Near Me

Are you searching the internet for a weight loss clinic near me? At Family Medical Clinic, we help individuals battling with weight-related problems with a custom-tailored and guided treatment plan. We optimize your body composition and performance with our healthy and side-effect free weight loss treatments.

Treatments for weight loss

Obesity or overweight problems can occur due to poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, an underlying health condition, or genetic factors. Fortunately, there are several treatment options available for individuals to lose excess weight and attain a healthy BMI:

  1. Dietary changes - We recommend our patients to give up high-fat and processed foods and replace those by consuming more fruits and vegetables. By devising a customized diet plan, we make sure that our patients consume fewer calories than they use, which helps them shed off their additional weight.
  2. Physical activity - Adopting a physically active life is a great way to burn excess calories and attain a healthy body weight. Working out at least 30 minutes a day, for 4-5 days a week, can help you manage weight and gain stamina.
  3. Weight-loss medications and surgery - We prescribe medications or recommend surgery to patients who do not lose weight with dietary changes and exercise. After a thorough medical exam, our doctor for weight loss treatment may prescribe medications or recommend bariatric surgery to help you achieve your goals.

As the best weight loss clinic in Miami, we also offer hormonal treatment to help patients overcome their overweight problems. Make sure to meet with an experienced physician at a leading weight management center in Miami to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

How to lose weight quickly?

Stay away from any diet that promises weight loss in a short amount of time. These diets do not offer long-lasting results and can worsen your health in the long-term. Also, refrain from trying heavily restrictive diet plans like liquid diets, “detox” diets, juice cleanses, and other fad diet programs.

Avoid eating at fast-food restaurants, and consume lots of fiber-rich foods. Increase your water intake, maintain a stress-free life, and avoid binge eating. Meet with a weight loss doctor to guide you with the right treatments, diet plan, and lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goal weight.

Our weight loss services

We are one of the top clinics with the best weight loss treatments in Miami and an experienced medical team. We offer the following weight management services and help our patients achieve their goal weight:

  1. We create a customized weight loss program for each patient encompassing a diet plan, a physical activity regime, and essential tips for lifestyle changes.
  2. Our 360° health approach can help you reach your desired weight without putting your body through several hours of starvation or a fad diet program, or several hours of strenuous workout sessions. Our comprehensive weight loss approach focuses on improving your overall health in addition to losing extra pounds.
  3. We ensure that you attain sustainable weight loss with an easily adaptable weight loss plan, which you can follow and maintain for the rest of your life.

Your search for the best weight loss clinic locations near me ends here. For appointments, visit our website. Family Medical Clinic is a reputed health care center with an expert team of physicians, specialists, therapists, and RNs. Your search for the best weight loss clinic near me ends here. Get a free consultation from our wellness advisor today.

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Weight Loss Clinic Near Me
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