Orthopedic Doctors In Fredericksburg TX

Orthopedic Doctors In Fredericksburg TX

At Phillips Orthopedic Associates, Dr. Paul Phillips III offers exceptional orthopedic treatment and care for children and adults. With over 24 years of experience, Dr. Paul is one of the top-rated orthopedic doctors in Fredericksburg, TX.

First aid for sprains and fractures 

When an individual experiences pull or tears in the ligaments, fibrous tissues, or the connecting bones at a joint, it is called a sprain. A sprain can hurt, and some sprains can take longer than a broken bone to heal. On the other hand, you may suffer a fracture when your bone gets hit with a greater force than what it can bear. If you do not have any first aid supplies, splint the good leg to the broken leg by rolling up a towel or any piece of cloth near you. If the fracture or sprain is in the arm, try to minimize movement by placing the arm on a sling. Try to create a sling with a bandana or scarf and tie it to the injured person’s neck.

If there is any bleeding, control it by applying direct pressure to the bleeding area with a cloth. If you have access to ice, wrap it in a thin towel and place it on the injury until you arrive at a hospital. Dr. Paul is one of the few orthopedic doctors in Fredericksburg, TX, with several years of experience in treating fractures and sprains.

Recovery after shoulder replacement surgery

Patients must take the utmost care and abide by the follow-up care instructions precisely for a safe and speedy recovery. After your shoulder replacement surgery, you may not be able to move your wrist or fingers in the operated arm. This occurs due to the anesthetic block used during surgery, the effects of which wears off within a day. 

The doctor may place your arm on a sling to minimize movement, and you may have to stay a night or two at the hospital. Make sure to have a friend or family member drive you back home from the hospital, as you must not drive for at least six weeks. Lastly, pay close attention to the exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist and make sure to practice them regularly to recover in a short span.

Treatment options for arthritis

Treatment for arthritis revolves around reducing the symptoms in patients and improving their joint function. Your doctor may recommend a combination of treatments to help you overcome pain. He may put you on painkillers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain and inflammation. You may also use topical NSAIDs, which you can apply to the joints for pain relief.

While our doctor focuses on relieving the symptoms through conservative measures, surgery may be the last option in severe cases. Patients suffering from arthritis pain may attain permanent relief from their condition with joint repair, joint replacement, or joint fusion surgery.

Call Phillips Orthopedic Associates today to schedule an appointment with one of the highly sought-after orthopedic doctors in Fredericksburg, TX. Dr. Paul Phillips III specializes in sports injuries, knee and shoulder replacement, and pediatric fractures.

Orthopedic Doctors In Fredericksburg TX

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Orthopedic Doctors In Fredericksburg TX

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