Medical Marijuana Treatment

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Medical Marijuana Treatment

If you've tried rehab in the past without seeing positive results, The Heavenly Center can help you find a safe and effective treatment that will allow you to find your path to recovery. For some, that process may sound easier said than done; however, what price can you put on sobriety? A lasting solution to addiction may not come easy, but nothing with value ever does. Our staff will explore all available treatment options, including medical marijuana treatment, to find a program that works for you.

Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana Treatment For Addiction

Using marijuana as a medicine is not something we do lightly at The Heavenly Center; as with many of the alternative treatment options we offer to patients, the benefits must outweigh the risks. Using medical cannabis to address addiction disorders has been found to be safe and effective under the right supervision. If you'd like to explore our medical marijuana treatment program, get in touch with our administrative staff; we'll be happy to answer all of your questions about this and other programs offered at The Heavenly Center.

Can Marijuana Be Used As a Treatment in Recovery?

In some cases, cannabis treatment can be very effective, while in other cases, the use of medical marijuana can prove to be a hindrance to a patient's recovery efforts. At The Heavenly Center, we work closely with each patient to find the right treatment that will lead to long-term freedom from addiction; often, medical marijuana can be used in conjunction with other programs and therapies. Feel free to inquire about our cannabis treatment program by calling 855-9THCNOW.

How Can Marijuana Treat Drug Addiction?

Cannabis treatment does not work the same for all patients, nor is it the recommended therapy for all individuals seeking recovery at The Heavenly Center. If you're cleared for medicinal marijuana by your doctor, our staff will work closely with you to determine whether you're a good candidate for our Cannabis Treatment Program, and if we find that you're eligible, we'll incorporate marijuana into your program. Cannabis is known to contain more than 100 cannabinoids which are proven effective in combating numerous symptoms associated with certain disorders, diseases, illnesses, and medical conditions.

Does Cannabis Treatment Lead to a Marijuana Addiction?

Under the proper supervision, patients do not become addicted to marijuana. When used in a responsible manner, medicinal cannabis supports recovery efforts and opens new doors to lasting sobriety that would not otherwise be available to patients.

You'll find a wealth of information about medical marijuana treatment at The Heavenly Center as you continue to explore our website. Don't rush into any type of treatment before looking at all available options; we are here to help you find your path to recovery when your each out to our staff at 855-9THCNOW. Contact us when you're ready to take the next step in addiction treatment using the latest techniques, programs, courses, and therapies. Call our helpline now; you'll be glad you did.