Phoenix Alcohol Rehab

Scottsdale Recovery is a renowned Phoenix alcohol rehab with unsurpassed addiction care, 24/7 medical support, and customized treatment programs. The benefits of joining our Phoenix, AZ, rehab include:

1. Luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, and modern amenities

We are a leading luxury treatment rehab with world-class accommodations, chef-prepared meals, and futuristic amenities, providing patients with utmost comfort. By providing top-class comfort, we create a safe, tranquil, and ideal ambiance for our recovering addicts to heal and recover from their behavioral and mental disorders. While the withdrawal symptoms make the recovery journey extremely challenging, our private accommodations and luxury amenities can reduce the pain and discomfort you experience and help you stay focused on sobriety.

2. Dedicated and experienced clinical staff

As a leading luxury drug rehab, we have the most experienced and accomplished therapists, physicians, and psychiatrists on our team. With the lowest staff-to-client ratio, we focus on offering personalized care and individual attention to each patient in rehab.

3. Lasting success with sobriety

Unlike other rehabs, we do not get away by treating just the surface issues. Our team of therapists uses several behavioral therapies and cutting-edge technology to identify and address the addiction's underlying triggers. Our comprehensive treatment approach helps patients attain holistic recovery from issues affecting their physical, mental, and spiritual health and empowers them to stay sober in the long haul. We are one of the few drug and alcohol treatment centers in Phoenix with the highest success rates, and over 95% of our recovering addicts maintain sobriety for more than a year after rehab.

3. Highly effective dual diagnosis treatment programs

In most cases, substance abuse disorders stem from an underlying mental health issue. We go to great lengths to identify, address, and treat the underlying mental health problems. Our behavioral therapists use psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, equine therapy, experiential therapies, and other evidence-based programs to treat the root causes of addiction. We use highly effective and proven treatments to help patients overcome their behavioral and mental health issues and achieve holistic wellness from dual diagnosis disorders.

4. Lifetime therapy guarantee

Recovering addicts can feel bombarded by triggers and cravings in an initial couple of months after treatment. We make a difference in their recovery journey after rehab treatment with our Lifetime Therapy program. We offer a lasting recovery program at no cost to those who complete our 60-day residential luxury alcohol rehab and the 30-day lifetime therapy. Our lifetime therapy allows you to participate in individual and group therapy sessions free of cost throughout your life and minimizes your risk of relapse significantly. Not to mention, the program also helps every luxury addict lead an active and sober life by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Our personalized healing approach has helped numerous addicts regain control over their minds, body, and soul. Call us at 602-346-9242 to begin on a life-altering journey towards a better future. Scottsdale Recovery is a top Phoenix alcohol rehab with opulent amenities, comfortable accommodations, and supportive staff members.

Phoenix Alcohol Rehab
Scottsdale Recovery Center
Phoenix Alcohol Rehab
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