Outpatient Treatment For Drugs Anaheim

Outpatient Treatment For Drugs Anaheim

At Star Recovery Center, we offer access to the most effective outpatient treatment for drugs in Anaheim that you can find. At our facility, we know that the inpatient program alone isn’t enough to provide patients with a solid foundation for sobriety and healthy living. This is why we promote a comprehensive outpatient treatment to fill the gaps in the recovery process, allowing patients to strengthen their commitment to sobriety via peer support, therapy, counseling, and aftercare guidance.

The difference between inpatient and outpatient programs

If you’ve decided to undergo rehab treatment, you will most likely end up in either inpatient rehab or outpatient treatment, depending on your overall health status and addiction specifics. Most people join the inpatient program first and follow it up with outpatient care, but it’s not a universal rule.

The inpatient program relies on 24/7 monitoring and support with the patient remaining in our facility's confines during the treatment. The inpatient program lasts around 30 to 60 days and beyond, depending on your progress, overall health, state of mind, etc. It is the ideal treatment option for people who cannot contain their cravings, relapse whenever attempting to quit and struggle with severe withdrawal.

The outpatient program comes second in line regarding intensity, as it only relies on one to three days of treatment per week, for several hours per day. At this point, you no longer require intensive care, as you can now contain your cravings better and care for yourself daily. The outpatient program allows you to attend your daily commitments (school, job, family duties, etc.) while participating in weekly therapy, counseling, and group meetings.

The best outpatient treatment for drugs in Anaheim

Finding the best outpatient treatment is easy so long as you know what to look for. We believe that the ideal outpatient program should rely on a holistic recovery approach. We don’t offer outpatient treatment at our facility but work with partner facilities that do. This means we can vouch for their professionalism, competence, and reliability when it comes to providing sustainable results over the years.

The ideal outpatient program offers in-depth treatment, therapy, and peer support to help patients:

  • Manage their cravings and harmful desires for a lifetime
  • Grow more confident, positive, stronger, and socially active
  • Learn empathy, responsibility, and accountability via peer support
  • Learn to help and guide others
  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle over the years
  • Prevent relapse and identify early social or family triggers that threaten their sobriety, etc.

The outpatient program needs to provide guidance post-rehab and function as a long-term aftercare and guidance process. Recovering addicts will learn how to care for themselves post-rehab, build a happy family, and work towards a more flourishing career. Our partners’ outpatient treatment for drugs in Anaheim checks all these boxes.

Contact Star Recovery Center today, discuss your needs and expectations, and let’s begin the treatment as soon as possible. With early treatment, optimal care and support, and your unbreakable desire for a clean life, nothing will stand between you and your freedom.

Outpatient Treatment For Drugs Anaheim