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Chiropractic care for pain is a form of primary therapy that primarily focuses on manual spinal adjustment. At Meridian Integrative Wellness, our Florida chiropractic physical therapy is second to none. Why should you consult an Orange Park chiropractor about your pain symptoms? These are five benefits of chiropractic care for chronic pain.

  1. Drug-free pain management - One of the standout advantages of chiropractic pain management is that it is holistic. In that, we consider it a safer alternative to conventional medication-assisted pain management. Unlike pain medication that often triggers short to long-term side effects, chiropractic adjustments carry zero adverse risks. Since it is drug-free, you need not worry about addiction and dependency as you would with pain medicine. Plus, chiropractic care emphasizes a systemic therapeutic approach where we consider your well-being. That said, our techniques are integrative and focus on comprehensive functional health. So rather than targeting specific symptoms, our top chiropractor in Orange Park will work diligently to address the source.
  2. Targets the root cause of pain - More often than not, pain symptoms flare up because of neuromusculoskeletal issues. Damage to your nervous system and spine may be responsible if you are experiencing lower back and neck pain. Did you know your nervous system virtually maintains functional health throughout your whole body, including your cells? That said, extensive damage to this vital network can trigger a series of health complications. Are you tired of pain medications? It is time to consult a doctor about chiropractic care in Orange Park, FL. Our board-certified practitioners have extensive experience working with the spine and nervous system. We will focus on getting these two systems in optimal shape, which, in turn, will promote wellness.
  3. Co-management treatment option - Although doctors generally recommend chiropractic therapy as a form of alternative care solution, it can complement conventional treatment. Our chiropractors near Orange Park FL will work with your physician to design an integrative co-management program for you. Unlike prescription medications for pain that often onset worrying side effects such as nausea and worst stroke, chiropractic treatment does not. After therapy, you may experience some slight discomfort because of muscle soreness, but this usually dissipates over time.
  4. Cost-effective - It might surprise you to know that chiropractic therapy is more economical than conventional drug options. Chiropractic care can be as much as 50 percent less than medication-assisted pain management. Do you need help finding the best pain management? At our full-service medical center, we have highly trained medical professionals, including prolific chiropractic care experts to serve you. Chiropractic care improves your physical, mental, and emotional health, so there’s rarely any need for frequent hospital visits.
  5. Non-invasive holistic treatment - Our doctors use manual body manipulation techniques that employ controlled movement and pressure release to relieve your pain. Our medical center offers experiential outpatient and in-office Orange Park chiropractic services.

All of our approaches are 100 percent safe, hands-on, and non-invasive. Is recovery painful? Not at all. Plus, it does not require taking time off from your job and waiting for prescription medication side effects to subside.

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