Modular cleanrooms

Modular cleanrooms

Modular cleanrooms are free standing controlled environments used for production of medicines, in manufacturing, and in the treatment of certain ailments. These rooms require careful planning, construction, and testing to ensure that they work as expected.  The G-Con Pod is a proven and prefabricated room allowing you to quickly get to work with the ultimate peace of mind.

What is a cleanroom?

Many processes and medical procedures require sterility. A single pathogen getting in or out of a quarantine might have disastrous consequences.

Clean rooms are tested and proven environments eliminating as many external influences as possible. Air is filtered, cracks are sealed, and entry is secure. The goal of any such construction is to create an entirely separate environment from that of the outside world.

Where are cleanrooms used?

The most well-known use of such a room is in a quarantine. These rooms take weeks to install so are used in more permanent facilities but are common.

The same principles hold in certain types of manufacturing. Electronics are particularly sensitive to dust and external influences. Semiconductors and other sensitive hardware are typically manufactured in such a sterile environment with workers wearing face masks and suits to avoid contamination.

How long does it take to install a cleanroom?

Cleanroom construction occurs in phases. Design gives way to material procurement. Construction follows. These rooms are then tested thoroughly to ensure that they meet the needs of the customer.

The entire process takes as long as two months to complete. Some companies complete construction in one month. Prefabricated options eliminate the 30 to 50 percent of the time spent in construction.

Are prefabricated clean rooms good enough to use?

G-Con only releases units that meet the strictest standards. We design, produce, and install pre-made options known as PODS.

Pre-made options scale well. Our modules are small enough to fit any room while combination with other modules allow your operation to grow. Fill a facility to create a large-scale operation.

Where can I find prefabricated modular cleanrooms?

G-Con Manufacturing produces high quality, tested, and proven rooms. Our product won multiple awards from CPhi Pharma, FOYA, and Interphex. We won a 2019 Pharma Innovation Award. Recognition extends to 2012, only three years after being founded.

As a recognized company, we follow international standards for manufacturing such facilities. Our clean rooms follow ISO9001, ISO45001, and OHSAS 18001 standards. When you need a clean facility, our prefabricated modules help, meeting strict standards while being relatively inexpensive and affordable.

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Modular cleanrooms

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